Donegal is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with over 1,100km of coastline it boasts over 100 beaches.  Gweedore has a coastline of over 25km stretching where you will find some of the finest unspoilt beaches in Donegal, with golden sands and pristine water.  These beaches are located approximately a 10 minute drive from An Chúirt. A few of the most popular Gweedore Beaches include:


Gola Island 

Gola Island, knows Gabhla in Irish, is a small 500-acre isle located just 2 km off the coast of Gweedore in County Donegal, Ireland. Uninhabited since the 1960s, it saw a gradual return of residents around 1996.With its serene atmosphere, Gola Island provides an ideal setting for activities like walking, bird-watching, and camping. The cliffs also attract rock climbers seeking thrilling challenges. Accessible by ferry from Bunbeg Harbour, the short 8-minute crossing is available primarily during the summer months, making it advisable to check the schedule locally.


Inis Meáin (Inishmeane)

Inis Meáin, is a summer-only inhabited island, situated about 1 kilometer west of Port Arthur along the Gweedore coast. It is positioned approximately 800 meters south of its nearest neighbor, Inishsirrer, and over a kilometer east of Umphin Island. Initially populated until the mid-1960s, the island was later abandoned due to the challenges of living there. Since the year 2000 and the Celtic Tiger economic boom, half of the island's homes and the pier have undergone renovation. Notably, Inis Meáin operates without mains water or electricity.



True to its name, Inishirrer, or Island East, is a slender strip of land measuring about one mile in length and one quarter of a mile in width. Positioned roughly one mile off the Gweedore coast, Inishirrer is known for its skilled community of islanders, particularly recognized for their proficiency in sailing, rowing, and fishing.