Donegal is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with over 1,100km of coastline it boasts over 100 beaches.  Gweedore has a coastline of over 25km stretching where you will find some of the finest unspoilt beaches in Donegal, with golden sands and pristine water.  These beaches are located approximately a 10 minute drive from An Chúirt. A few of the most popular Gweedore Beaches include:


Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a perfect destination for both families and nature enthusiasts. The beach is equipped with numerous benches and picnic areas, providing an ideal setting to relish the majestic waves crashing on the shore.Irrespective of the season, Port Arthur remains a stunning destination, though it's advisable to dress warmly during colder weather. Whether you're strolling, enjoying a bath, or simply observing the ocean, Port Arthur stands out as a must-visit location for anyone exploring Donegal.



While not the largest beach in the area, Magheragallan Beach provides a wealth of attractions to keep visitors engaged. Spanning a modest 200 meters, the beach boasts diverse seaweeds and an abundance of sea glass, making it an ideal spot for beachcombing and treasure hunting. Magheragallan Beach is a must-visit destination for those seeking tranquility in the Gweedore region of Co. Donegal. This hidden gem caters to beach enthusiasts with its soft sand, rocky outcrops, and panoramic views, making it a paradise for those in search of peace and serenity.


AnTrá Mhór (Big Beach)

Nestled on the windswept Horn Head peninsula along Ireland's north coast, Tra Mor, though not the easiest to reach, promises a rewarding journey. Embarking from Dunfanaghy and crossing extensive dunes, you'll discover a majestic 2 km (1.5 mile) stretch of golden sand, seemingly untouched by human presence. The secluded beach, with its minimal footprints and rare encounters, invites you to relish the tranquil beauty that unfolds during this scenic trek, making the long walk an enticing adventure for those seeking a secluded coastal haven.


Trá Dhearg (Red Beach)

Trá Dhearg, also known as Red Beach, is renowned for its excellent swimming conditions, boasting calm and sheltered waters easily accessible from the nearby road. Despite its modest length of only 200 meters, the beach typically offers a serene atmosphere. The name is derived from the coarse sand variety, exhibiting a red glow during sunset. The inviting waters further enhance the beach's allure, making it an ideal spot for a refreshing swim.