Sustainability at An Chúirt Hotel


At An Chuirt Hotel & Health Club, we are proud to champion important sustainability initiatives.We have implemented the following procedures to ensure that we are minimising our carbon footprint and encouraging our guests to do the same where possible.


• Introduction of P.V panels & wood chip to reduce our carbon footprint.

• Our guest amenities in our bathrooms are eco-label certified, bottle is made of post-consumer recycled PET, the packaging is recyclable.

• We do not use plastic straws or cups.

• We use chemical free cleaning products throughout the hotel.

• We send e-invoices were possible to reduce the amount of paper that we use.

• 2 EV chargers will be installed March 2024 with suitable parking facilities, to include infrastructure to scale that up as demand increases.

• The use of smart building controls through BMS lowering electricity and gas consumption

• PIR sensors are in place in all suitable locations.

• When purchasing goods, we ensure that we favour locally sourced products where possible.

• Offer bike to work scheme for employees.

• We operate a Linen reuse program.

• Cardboard packaging, glass, cans, used light bulbs and batteries are all returned to suppliers or collected for recycling. We are  committed to further reducing waste to landfill.

• Minimising the use of single-use plastics and packaging throughout the hotel, restaurants, bars, Health Club and events from the kitchen right up to guestrooms.