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Errigal - Standing at 751 meters, Errigal is the highest mountain in Donegal, dominating the skyline not only in Gweedore, but the surrounding areas.  There are spectacular views of the icon Errigal to be had from An Chuirt and reaching the base of this mountain takes only 8 minute by car.  The average hike of Errigal takes approximately one hour from the car park to the summit. 


Muckish - A distinctive flat-topped mountain in the Derryveagh Mountains standing at 667.1 metres, it is the third-highest peak in the Derryveagh Mountains and the 163rd highest in Ireland.

Muckish is also the most northern and second highest of the mountain chain called the "Seven Sisters" by locals. The Seven Sisters are Muckish, Crocknalaragagh, Aghla Beg, Ardloughnabrackbaddy, Aghla More, Mackoght, and Errigal.


Donegal is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with over 1,100km of coastline it boasts over 100 beaches.  Gweedore has a coastline of over 25km stretching where you will find some of the finest unspoilt beaches in Donegal, with golden sands and pristine water.  These beaches are located approximately a 10 minute drive from An Chúirt. A few of the most popular Gweedore Beaches include:

Port Arthur, Magheraclogher, best known as home to shipwreck Bad Eddie, AnTrá Mhór (Big Beach), Trá Dhearg (Red Beach).


Bád Eddie or Eddies Boat has been a fixture on this Beach since the 70's and is one of the best known landmarks in Donegal, appearing in Music Videos as well as providing the backdrop for countless wedding photographs and tourist snaps.  The boat is located on Magheraclogher beach - a 10 minute drive from An Chúirt. 


The islands of Donegal are quite simply an outstanding collection of places to visit. The islands closest to Gweedore are Gola, Inishmeane and Inishirrer, while other islands of interest include Tory, Arranmore, Owey and Cruit Island.  


The Poisoned Glen lies at the foot of Mount Errigal in Dunlewey (Dún Lúiche) in the Donegal Gaeltacht. The Poisoned Glen is one of the most renowned areas in Co. Donegal for its sweeping valleys, imposing mountains and shimmering lakes. It is true to say the magnificent beauty of this area is such a capturing sight that it remains as a sanctuary in your mind forever of a very special place

A Breathtaking View of an Old Ruined Church - built around 1830 from local white marble, can be seen at the bottom of Mount Errigal at the entrance to The Poisoned Glen. From this church, by following the right bank of the Owenabhainn River, you can go right into The Poisoned Glen.  Located in Dunlewey - a 10 minute drive from An Chúirt. 


Bloody Foreland or Cnoc Fola feels like it is as close to the edge of the world as you will get. It is in the north west of Donegal, Ireland. It is a Wild Atlantic Way Discovery Point for many good reasons, not least it’s spectacular sunsets, magnificent scenery and wild Atlantic waves crashing onto it’s rugged coastline. The three Islands of Inishsirrer, Inishmeane and Gola can all be seen from this viewpoint -  a 10 minute drive from An Chúirt.